Reopening The X-Files – Anasazi

Greetings My X-Files Geeks!

Here we are, 49 episodes in to both the Podcast and The X-Files. We’re going to continue with season 3 coming shortly. But for now, here is Reopening The X-Files – Anasazi the season 2 finale.


Mulder is given a coded file that contains the whole conspiracy. Showing increasingly erratic behaviour, he and Scully begin a hunt to find locate someone who can decode the files. At the same time an earth tremor has revealed a train Boxcar that has some strange alien-like remains inside.

The 'Alien' found in a train car

The episode is brilliant and is the start of a three part story. The scope of the episode itself shows just how inevitable a movie was.

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Season 3 will be back soon.

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