Reopening The X-Files – The Blessing Way

Greetings my X-Files Geeks!

We have crossed a line, a line of no return. We reached our 50th episode of the podcast at the same time as reaching the first episode of Season 3. “The Blessing Way” is part of a three-episode storyline, carrying on from the second season finale “Anasazi“, and continuing in the next episode, “Paper Clip”. This is Reopening The X-Files – 050 – The Blessing Way.

The Blessing Way

This episode is so full of information that it’s easy to miss things. Characters return, characters leave and story threads are closed and set up. It is a fantastic episode, in a fantastic season. It again reinforces the idea that the creators had a movie in mind from the beginning.

After 49 episodes promising a jingle for the section #FanboyFacts I finally did one, it’s crap but will hopefully make you laugh. Have you got any #FanboyFacts you want to share? Let me know on Twitter @ReopenTheXFiles or @MovieUltimate.

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