90’s Cartoon Puzzle Time: Spot the Difference and Crossword Puzzle

It’s puzzle time! We have two puzzles for the price of one today – all based around 90’s cartoons. First up can you spot 10 differences in the Phantom 2040 picture below? (Answers at the bottom of the page) Second, how well do you know your cartoon theme songs? Find out in our cartoon theme song crossword puzzle by figuring out the missing word.

[game-crossword id=”8203″ ]







Spot the Difference Answers: 1. Jack Archer’s tie is shortened. 2. Random guy coming around corner. 3. Stone wall near random guy is changed. 4. Color of Aunt Heloise’s vest is different. 5. Kit’s mask is gone. 6. The phantom skull is gone on Kit’s belt. 7. Guran’s hands are switched. 8. Guran’s shadow is gone. 9. The wall of technology behind Guran is flipped. 10. Doctor Who is playing on the screen.

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