Puzzle Time: Movie & TV Monsters

Halloween is here, but the monsters aren’t! What a disaster! Can you find the scariest villains from Film and TV lost in this wordsearch? The full list of 50 missing demons, vampires, ghosts, robots, serial killers, aliens, the undead and more can be found at the bottom of this page.

Audrey II Deadites Gill-Man Jerry Dandridge Pennywise
Babadook Dementors Gmork King Kong Phantom Of The Opera
Black Phillip Demogorgon Gozer Leatherface Pinhead
Blair Witch Dracula Graboids Michael Myers Skeksis
Borg Eugene Tooms Gremlins Mister Pipes Weeping Angels
Candyman Frank Booth Hannibal Lecter Norman Bates White Walkers
Critters Frankenstein Imhotep Pale Man Wolfman
Daleks Freddy Krueger Invisible Man Papa Lazarou Xenomorph
Damien Thorn Gentlemen Jack Torrance Patrick Bateman Zelda
Darth Vader Ghostface Jason Vorhees Pazuzu Zombies


Paul Childs

As well as writing for Den of Geek and Your Truth, Paul also runs Badgers Crossing, a site for ghost stories. He loves the 1980s and thanks to a keen interest in Public Information Films he has never been electrocuted or set himself on fire.

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