WGN Birthday Countdown: 3

It’s almost here you lovely geeks! We’re very nearly one year old. As we lead up to our birthday on Wednesday 14th August, we’re going to look back at some of our favourite and most popular articles, reviews and features from the last year! Click on the article heading to be taken there instantly, by the magic of the internet!

Six Essentials of a Shark Movie

On day one co-editor Paul, fresh out of seeing the Stath-vs-Nature epic, The Meg, wrote this biting (hoho) investigation into what makes the shark movie so enduring.

Peppa Pig’s Ten Best Non-Pig Characters

Last November Rob, having been forced by other, smaller people in his house to watch it decided that the only therapy from overexposure to the adventures of the popular porcine protagonist was to write something about it.

Book Review: Ghost by Helen Grant

Now and again our chums over at Den of Geek lend us the small but fierce Jane to read books for us. One such tome was Ghost by friend of WGN, Helen Grant. But did Jane like it? You’ll have to read her review to find out…

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime

Horror And The Supernatural In Blake’s 7

During our 31 Days Of Horror event in October our Blake’s 7 expert Claire was given the difficult task of investigating if there are horror overtones in her favourite show. Turns out there are…

Jason Donovan – Straight From The Heart & why we need a sequel

In June Aaron took inspiration from the land down under, closed his eyes, drew back the curtain (ah-a-ah) and decided to dig out a dusty old, long-forgotten box from his impressive collection for his To The Table regular feature.

Iron Maiden’s Geeky Album Covers

The Christmas Movies That Aren’t Christmas Movies

During the run-up to Christmas, our TV expert Robbert, who is neither German nor Danish, despite what KJ or Paul may have said when guesting on the MAaD Movie Podcast (he’s Dutch. What? It’s near-ish!), told us that Christmas is about more than love, presents and the baby Jesus… it’s also about escaped dinosaurs, British spies, boxing, the search for our extra-terrestrial origins and a couple of women called Martha.

Finding Time To Make Believe

Co-Editor KJ, in his semi-regular Nerd Do Well feature spoke to indie filmmaker David Black.

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