Happy Second Birthday To US!

It’s our birthday! Hurray!

That’s right! Two years ago today we launched with a review of Ant-Man and the Wasp by co-creator/editor KJ McDougall, a look at Rock Music In Cartoons by Rob Mclaughlin and a guide to the main elements of good shark movie by our other creator/editor, Paul Childs.

We started our second year on this day in 2019 by opening our birthday present – a brand new theme tune for use in videos, podcasts and whatnot.

Our second years has seen the launch of some new events, including our Halloween and Christmas fiction competitions, another 31 Days of Horror during October, and more recently our Creative Voices Podcast, epic nostalgia-fueled movie marathon, The Great Year Long 80s Movie Challenge (#80sMC) and Cultish Club, where we highlight the forgotten films which deserve a second look.

We launched our own range of merchandise, including t-shirts, badges, stickers, notebooks, phone covers, mugs and more.

All this plus some great features from all your favourite WGN team members and a handful of brilliant guest writers.

To celebrate, we’re going to run a piece or two where the WGN team look back at their absolute favourite films comics, games, books and more, so stay tuned over the coming days for that.

Finally, we just want to say “Thank you!” to each and every reader who has taken the time to look at the words we’ve written and share our stuff on social media. Without you, we couldn’t do it!

Now, go and help yourself to a slice of delicious cake!


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