Overwatch League 2019: The New Teams

Today’s the day or, if you’re watching from the UK, tonight’s the night. Season 2 of the Overwatch League is about to begin, and with it comes a whole range of new teams and new talent. So to finish bringing you up to speed today we are running through all of those new teams and players in this, the final part, of our all you need to know guide.

Paris Eternal

Starting us off is one of the new European teams the Paris Eternal who feature both brand new talent and some well-known names. The biggest of those names being Soon…. (sorry SOOOOOOOON), who is returning to play for this brand new team representing his home country. The Paris eternal will be playing in the colours dark blue and red.

Vancouver Titans

Next up is the first of two teams representing Canada the Vancouver Titans. In their signature dark green and dark blue uniform the Titans are expected to see a fair amount of success in this, their initial season. Something of else of interest about this team is that they are made up entirely of Runaway players (Runaway being a team from the Korean e-sports scene) including League veterans Hooreg and Haksal.

Chengdu Hunters

Next up is the first Asian team, hailing from China, The Chengdu Hunters. The hunters come backed by Royal Never Give Up, a Chinese organisation who are most known for their success in League Of Legends, meaning their potential success in the league is still up in the air for now. Backed by their panda spray insignia the Hunters will be playing in yellow and gold.

Hangzhou Spark

The second team representing China is the vibrant pink and blue Hangzhou Spark. Their eye-catching uniforms will stand out clearly on the battlefield, arguably more so than their player line up which is stacked with Overwatch League Newbies. But don’t underestimate this team, they have huge potential to shake up the line-up of top tier teams as the season progresses.

Atlanta Reign

America gains a couple of teams in the league this year and the first of those teams is the Atlanta Reign. The Reign are a team made up of players with a lot of potential, but who may be hampered by the huge mix of nationalities in the team (which can often make communication and strategizing difficult). Look out for the team playing in their incredibly sexy black, red and silver uniforms.

Toronto Defiant

The Toronto Defiant are the second team joining the league who are representing Canada. Made up of entirely Korean players the team is comprised of both new and returning players, specifically Neko and Envy, both of whom made it to the playoffs in their previous respective teams. The impact the Defiant will have is yet to be seen but one things for sure, their black and red uniform is absolutely lovely.

Guangzhou Charge

China’s third new team in the league the Guangzhou Charge are a team playing in dark and light blue uniforms. The team is predominantly made of South Korean players with some additional team members hailing from America, China and Britain. This mix of nationalities and languages may cause a problem for the team but they also have a good lineup going into the season.

Washington Justice

Last but not least we have the team representing the capital city of the USA, The Washington Justice. Again this team is made up of a mix of nationalities, with the team being made up of some American players and mostly South Korean players. Of all the teams in this list, the Justice are thought to have the lowest chance of success because of both their mix of nationalities and some issues with their managing team. They join the league in uniforms of dark red and dark blue colours.

So, by now, you’ve learnt all the new heroes, mechanics, maps and teams for season 2 of the Overwatch League, all that’s left to do is sit back, crack a cold beer/soft drink/glass of water and enjoy the best play Overwatch has to offer. Stay tuned here as WGN continues our coverage of the League throughout the season and see you all on the battlefield.

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