Our Favourite Kickstarter Campaigns: Summer 2019

I’m back! With more crowdfunded goodies! There have been some really great Kickstarter campaigns over the last few months, with plenty more to come, so without further ado, let’s just straight into it…

Book – Haunted Voices

It might be hot outside, but you can chill yourself to your very bones with this fab sounding anthology of ghost stories which celebrates a rich oral tradition of storytelling, collecting together 27 retellings of dark tales from Scotland’s history.

Hurry! There are only a few days left!

Back Haunted Voices Here
Closing Date: Sunday 28th July

Card Game – Potato Inferno

Looking for a fun-filled, action-packed, fast-paced game with cute illustrations that all the family can play together?

With its simple, but effective character designs and easy-to-learn gameplay Potato Inferno promises to be all that and more. Can you add your potatoes to the deck without taking the heat level over 100°? It sounds simple, but elements like the Sinister Tato who suddenly adds 25° to the desk or toppings like Ketchup or Sour Cream which bring the temperature back down, make for a fun, competitive game not entirely unlike former Kickstarter royalty Exploding Kittens.

Back Potato Inferno Here
Closing Date: Sunday 11th August

Video Game – Theropods

Dinosaurs! Aliens! 16-Bit retro goodness! This point and click puzzle solving adventure has it all and more! Can you help your alien friend find the power source to his ship so he can go home while avoiding bloodthirsty barbarians and hungry dinosaurs?

If successful Theropods will be available on Steam.

Back Theropods Here
Closing Date: Thursday 8th August

Tech – NILS 2.0 The Wearable Charging Cable

Ever been caught short when your phone, tablet or camera runs out of charge and you haven’t got the correct cable with you? And do you like to look stylish or generally fashionable?

If the answer is “Yes” to both of these questions then The Wearable Charging Cable is for you! It quickly transforms from a trendy looking wristband into a charging cable in mere seconds meaning you’ll never miss that call AND you’ll look great!

Back The Wearable Charging Cable Here
Closing Date: Thursday 12th April

Are there any interesting crowdfunding campaigns you’d like to tell everyone about? Why not let us know in the comments below…


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