Overwatch World Cup: Paris Stage Roundup

As with all things, good things must come to an end, and so it is with this in mind that we round up the final group stage of this competition, The Overwatch World Cup: Paris Stage.

Day 1

We begin with a shutout, with France taking 4 points over the Netherlands, this is followed by a match-up between Germany and the United Kingdom, the UK ultimately winning 3 points to 1. Up next Poland and Italy fight it out and take us to our first fifth match of the stage with Italy being the Victors. Then the Netherlands return to the stage hoping to break the losing streak they started earlier, and break it they do, winning 3 points over Germanys 1. Finally, just as it started, the first day of the last group stage ends with a shutout this time the United Kingdom taking four Points over Poland.

Day 2

Overwatch World Cup: Paris stage

Day 2 starts off with an interesting matchup as France and Germany take it to the 5th map, though France ultimately win with 3 points to 2, Next up Italy lose 3 to 1 with the Netherlands. Poland are up next and they take another loss to Germany who wins 3 points in a 5 point match up and then the day is finished by two shutouts in a row firstly France who shut out Italy and secondly the UK who shut out the Netherlands.

Day 3

The final day of the final stage is an explosive one to say the least, Germany start the day with a 3 – 1 over Italy and then the group stage is brought to a close by four straight shutouts in a row, the winners of these matches being France, the UK, the Netherlands and France again respectively.

And just like that, the group stages of this exciting competition have come to a close but now the competition goes from warm to boiling hot as we reach the BlizzCon stages and the knockout section of this tournament to see who will be crowned winner of the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

However, until then we have a small break from competitive Overwatch which also means fewer roundups from me so with that being the case thanks for tuning in and keep your eyes peeled for some interesting Overwatch content while we wait for the knockout stages.

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