Puzzle Time: Red Dwarf Anagrams

Its Puzzle Time!

This week “the boys from the Dwarf” are being represented in puzzle form. There are 10 words, names, or phrases related to Red Dwarf mixed up into anagrams (for the most part.) Can you unscramble them? The answers will be provided next week. So make a triple fried egg chili chutney sandwich (recipe here) crack open a lager and enjoy.

    1. Unmarried jam lords                           3 words 
    2. Ta Chet                                                2 words 
    3. Dr. Fed raw                                          2 words
    4. Reeds vital                                          2 words 
    5. Nt yerk                                                1 word 
    6. Bar guts                                              1 word 
    7. Kinkier chaos stink                            2 words 
    8. Havoc Odin nickel                              2 words 
    9. Poor  lymph                                        1 word
    10. Karate Aid Lion                                  2 words 


Last week Puzzle Time answers:

1.) Billy Batts’s mustache is gone 2.) Jimmy the Gent has a different colored shirt 3.) Tommy’s face is changed 4.) the straws on the bar have changed color, 5.) Jimmy’s cigarette has gotten longer, 6.) Balloon has changed color 7.) stool is missing 8.) lights are missing 9.) Billy has a swanky new tie, 10.) There is a velociraptor in Henry’s bar.

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