Something At The Window: Exclusive Article with Ginger Nuts Of Horror

Remember the scene in Salem’s Lot where the spooky vampire kid scratches at the window? Of course, you do! And if you’re anything like us, it’s haunted your dreams for many, many years. But is that necessarily a bad thing? In conjunction with our good chums at Ginger Nuts Of Horror, our very own Paul Childs investigates how consuming horror in one’s youth can have a strong influence on creative output as an adult.

Joining the fun with interviews about how their horror journeys began are YouTuber Grumpy Andrew, Fortean Times movie columnist, thriller novelist and Baptist minister Reverend Peter Laws and writer Stephen Brotherstone, whose Scarred For Life book (written with Dave Lawrence) is a must-read for anyone who hid behind the sofa from Public Information Films or Daleks.

You can read the article and interview over at the GNOH website but please make sure you stay to look at all the other goodies they have on offer – reviews, interviews, retrospectives, all sorts of great stuff!



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