The Pod Bay Door: Episode 6 – MAad Movie/WGN Crossover Special!

Pod Cat is back! After trawling the web for more of the best podcasts, he’s looked a little closer to (his earthly) home with another special instalment of The Pod Bay Door…

Greetings Earth Humans!

When I first arrived on your planet in my washing machine spaceship and asked to be taken to your leader I was welcomed in by two of your finest individuals who fed me, gave me a home and instantly put me to work for no pay. But that was fine because as you know my mission is to find the universe’s greatest podcasts, so their goals and mine aligned.

Therefore it’s fitting that my choice this time is our very own Ultimate Movie Geek interviewing those illustrious leaders of whom I speak – Paul Childs and KJ McDougall on his Man About A Dog Movie Podcast.

Listening to it was incredibly helpful in understanding your Earth culture – topics covered are as varied as Stranger Things, Toy Story 4, what to do when you have a broken leg, the terrible American remake of Life On Mars, the movie songs of Bryan Adams, Ghost Busters, Hudson Hawk, who is the best James Bond and the ultimate Karaoke song.

Listen to it on your podcast aggregator of choice (we prefer Castbox), on iTunes, YouTube and NOW on Spotify or just check it out below…

Before I go I here are the links mentioned in the show:

A couple of final things… I have to point out that these so-called leaders of yours can’t tell Germany from Denmark when what they actually mean is The Netherlands (there, I fixed it for you). And to end on, Paul mentions that he once won a talent show in 2009. Although your Earth technology of ten years ago was not quite what it is now, I have been able to track down a rudimentary recording of it.

Until next time Earth Humans! Me-ow!

Pod Cat Will Return…

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