Reopening The X-Files – Conduit

Greetings my X-Files Geeks!

Welcome back to Reopening The X-Files the Podcast that proves the Truth is Still out There. If you don’t know what this podcast is about well it’s about The X-Files and every episode from Pilot to My Struggle IV. However, it is a podcast that wants you to have fun above all else.  Well, if we get that far! Season 1 Episode 4 of The X-Files is Conduit.


We are available on Acast, SoundCloud, Spotify or wherever you get your Podcasts from. Our latest release will be on the Season 2 episode One Breath. But if you are following these Podcasts through the fantastic World Geekly News then we’re up to Season 1 episode Conduit.

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You may be on Conduit, but by clicking this link it will take you to Season 2 episode One Breath.

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