TV News Roundup for Week 46 of 2018

Welcome to the weekly TV news round-up where we go into the latest TV news regarding renewals, cancellations, and pick-ups. This week we have surprising Marvel news and what Adi Shankar’s new video game based animated TV series will be!


Streaming service Amazon Prime Video has renewed crime drama Bosch for a sixth season before releasing Season 5. The series stars Titus Welliver (Argo) as a Los Angeles homicide detective and is based on the novels by Michael Connelly.

Netflix has renewed animated puberty comedy Big Mouth for a third season. Knowing the way animated series are produced, it is quite possible it has been in production for a while.

The big news of the week is a surprise renewal! ABC announced that they have renewed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a seventh season! This is way ahead of Season 6 even airing coming Summer, some time after the still untitled “Avengers 4” has premiered in cinemas. It’s expected Season 7 will also air during the Summer and will have 13 episodes.


Netflix has canceled comedic drama The Good Cop after one season. The series starred Tony Danza (Who’s The Boss?) and Josh Groban (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) as a father and son cop duo.

Picked up

US streaming service CBS All Access has ordered a first season of true crime drama series Interrogation. The series will in each episode present an interrogation taken from the case files of a son murdering his own mother. Nine episodes will be released at once and can be watched in any order. The tenth episode with the conclusion will be released on a later date. This gives viewers the chance to concoct their own theories. No release date or international broadcaster is known yet.

Other developments

Adi Shankar (Castlevania) has revealed what that other Japanese video game based animated TV series is. It’s Capcom’s Devil May Cry. The hack and slash action-adventure video game series follows Dante, a man who avenges his mother’s murder by demons by exterminating them with extreme prejudice. Shankar has indicated in an interview with IGN that the series may have a multiverse connection with Castlevania, whatever that may mean. No broadcaster is announced yet, but with talk of crossing over Castlevania and Devil May Cry, it might very well be Netflix. It’s not the first time Devil May Cry is adapted into a TV series. Anime studio Madhouse produced a series of 12 episodes, set within the game universe, in 2007.

US streaming service DC Universe has announced that the much anticipated (first half of) Season 3 of animated series Young Justice will start streaming in the US on Friday, January 4. No news yet on an international release.

Supergirl has finally cast iconic Superman villain Lex Luthor! The much-teased character will finally show up in episode 15 of Supergirl’s current Season 4 and will be played by Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men).

Netflix has ordered The Liberator, an animated World War II drama. The series will follow U.S. Army officer Felix Sparks and his infantry unit the 157th Infantry Regiment from Oklahoma, which was a National Guard unit comprised primarily of cowboys, Native Americans, and Mexican-Americans. It will use Alex Kershaw’s 2013 book The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau as it’s basis. Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) will be the series’ creator, showrunner, and executive producer, with Kershaw serving as co-producer. No release date is currently known.

The BBC has announced there will not be a Doctor Who Christmas special this year, breaking a streak since the series returned in 2005. But now the good news, there will be a New Year’s Day special, but don’t expect it to have anything seasonal.

You might be familiar with the Tom Cruise-starring Jack Reacher movies. A third movie is not coming, but a TV series might very well be! Author of the Jack Reacher novels, Lee Child, announced that there is a deal with producers Skydance Television and Paramount Television for a Jack Reacher TV series. For those who don’t know, Jack Reacher is a big guy (read: not Tom Cruise) and former Military Police Major who wanders around the US and makes life miserable for any bad guy he encounters. Currently Child as written no-less than 24 Jack Reacher novels. While there is no broadcaster currently attached, Child expressed the desire for the series to land at a streaming service.

US streaming service Hulu is developing multiple series based on the George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) edited Wild Cards novel series. The series counts a whopping 26 novels to date, featuring stories of a host of writers. Wild Cards is set in a world where in 1946 an alien virus killed 90% of the population. The survivors got deformations or superpowers.

Longtime rumored, but it’s now official. Pedro Pascal (Narcos) will play the titular lead role in upcoming streaming service Disney+’s Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

Netflix’s Archie Horror comic adaption Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will return a lot sooner than expected! The series already had a second season ordered along with the first one, but now it’s revealed we will get a Christmas special on Friday, December 14.

The eight and final season of Game of Thrones is a long, long time coming now. We now have an indication of when the final episodes will start airing. The first new episode will air somewhere in April. Not exactly precise, but it’s at least something.


A trailer for the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, called “The Gauntlet,” has been released. The new episodes will start streaming on Thursday, November 22.

Netflix has also released an announcement trailer for the third and final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events! The conclusion of the horrible story of the Baudelaire children will be released on Tuesday, January 1.

Netflix further released a trailer for Season 3 of animated comedy F is for Family. It’s released on Friday, November 30.

That’s it for this week, but join us next week when we round-up the TV news of that week.

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