Puzzle Time – Help! Can You Unscramble These Beatles Song Titles?

Welcome to another exciting instalment of Puzzle Time. This time we’re celebrating the release of the Richard Curtis/Danny Boyle fab musical rom-com, Yesterday. You can read our review here (hint: we really rather liked it).

This time Jack Malik’s (Himesh Patel) antics have caused thirty of The Beatles’ song titles to get all mixed up. As you can see, Macca is not best pleased and he doesn’t Feel Fine. So WGN is calling on A Little Help! From Our Friends to unscramble these thirty well known (and a couple not so well known) Fab Fours songs. Come on gang – We Can Work It Out!

Please Please Me by solving this conundrum

And if you think You Can’t Do That, first off maybe ask someone – Your Mother Should Know – but if you still can’t and It’s All Too Much then the answers are at the bottom, upside down (good luck with those if you’re reading on a phone or tablet with autorotate on).

  1. Yep, amusingly welterweight: 5-2-6-6-5
  2. Amanda Lydon: 4-7
  3. Ah, twitchy grater: 5-4-6
  4. Drowning Donna alighted: 3-4-3-7-4
  5. Disheartening wreaths: 1-3-3-8-5
  6. Egon Smith: 9
  7. Shatner’s sure voice: 6-3-8
  8. Rarely Boeing: 7-5
  9. Backwater Ripper: 9-6
  10. Edgeways Kathie: 5-4-1-4
  11. Tony hits a mucky windshield: 4-2-3-3-4-8
  12. Leisurely bowman: 6-9
  13. Harem lawsuit: 1-2-3-6
  14. Mr Swarm’s evil exam hell: 8-6-6
  15. Garth’s handy aid: 1-4-4-5
  16. Uh, cheese monster: 4-5-3-3
  17. Doug’s a stern cop: 8-6
  18. Cyborg elephants unstrapped bells: 3-7-6-6-4-4
  19. Lagoon sins: 5-5
  20. Oxen fruit whimsy: 4-2-5-4
  21. Dim carvery: 5-2-3
  22. Ick! Sunbathers: 4-2-3-4
  23. A horned evil: 3-1-4-3
  24. Herman Owen: 7-3
  25. Asymmetrical grout: 7-7-4
  26. The hot lion of hell: 3-4-2-3-4
  27. Vole dome: 4-2-2
  28. Iran: 4
  29. Seedy Axis: 4-5
  30. My pink hedgehogs advertise my boycotted onyx memento: 10-3-9-2-4-6-2-3-2-6

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