033 – Avengers Endgame – MAaD Movie Podcast

Greetings my Marvel Geeks!

On the 24th April 2019 myself and my colleague took it upon ourselves to visit the cinema. We entered that sacred building at 20.30, well he did, I was running a little late! We got our snacks and sat down to watch Avengers: Infinity War... Years a Double-Bill closely followed by Avengers Endgame.

We then recorded one of our longest podcasts where we break down the movie. Have a listen on SoundCloud, iTunes and YouTube.

What a film! Everybody has their opinions on this film. The culmination of 11 years and 22 movies. I would personally love to hear all your views on it. You can follow me @MovieUltimate on Twitter and on Facebook.

For next week’s podcast question: Who is your favourite Marvel Character? Or who stood out in Endgame?


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:42 Get In Touch
00:02:12 Question – Favourite Star Trek Captain?
00:17:02 Star Trek Discovery Finale
00:29:48 Avengers Endgame Spoiler-Free Review
00:41:00   SPOILERS – Avengers Endgame
01:30:08  Sign Off & Get in Touch

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