027 – The Umbrella Academy – MAaD Movie Podcast

Greetings my Movie Geeks!

Now I know my articles have been a little less of late, and I apologise. I also know that my Podcast output has been a little scarce. But time is a factor and all I can do is apologise. But, it turns out, even when I do make a podcast it turns out I completely forget about writing the article to accompany it. So here is a link to our Oscars Best Picture Podcast. But the main reason for this is for this week’s MAaD Movie Podcast – Episode 027 The Umbrella Academy.

Craig Stig of the Dump Lambert and the Ultimate Movie Geek get together and discuss the recent Netflix hit The Umbrella Academy. Along with the latest (At least a week old) News from Movies, and TV shows.

If you want to listen you can find us on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube or whichever Podcast accumulator you use. You can follow us on Facebook and InstaGram. It turns out after almost 30 podcasts and a couple of years on the YouTubes we now have Twitter accounts. So you can follow the Podcast @MadMoviePod and myself @MovieUltimate.

Nathaniel Jepson

I am the Ultimate Movie Geek and I love movies. I also have a movie based podcast called the Man About a Dog Movie Pod or MAaD Movie Pod.

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