Introducing The World Geekly News Quiz Show!

After a couple of quiet weeks relaxing with our feet up beside the WGN Tower rooftop pool, having Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, Cadre Cola and Butterbeers served to us by SICO our robot butler, We’re Back, Baby! But before we took our well deserved staycation we promised something pretty special was coming soon and now the holidays are as good as over, we’re ready to deliver!

Introducing our BRAND NEW podcast -The World Geekly News Quiz Show! To get things going, our inaugural broadcast features one of our illustrious editors, KJ, hosting and putting three other WGN team members through the quizzy wringer! This month’s contestants are Simon, Ultimate Movie Geek Nathaniel and co-editor Paul. We’ll do shows with all WGN team members from time to time, but more importantly we’d love to open the quiz up to you, our good readers, without whom we wouldn’t have seen a One Month anniversary, never mind a whole year!

That’s right! You could join one or more of the WGN team, other readers and just maybe the occasional slightly more well known contestant in competing for the highly sought after accolade of temporary WGN Quiz Champion (and your name and photo on the site when the next episode goes live). Details of how to are enter at the bottom of the page, but for now, here is episode 1 of the World Geekly News Quiz Show! Enjoy!

How Can I Take Part?

It’s very simple – just email us at and tell us a little about yourself (nothing too revealing, and only what you’re comfortable with). What we will need to know is the following:

  • Your name and age.
  • The town or city where you live.
  • Areas in which your Geek-Fu is particularly strong and also areas where it is weak (e.g. Star Wars, comics, anime, horror, etc).

Once we’ve managed to sift through the piles of emails and choose a set of worthy opponents we’ll be in touch to arrange a mutually suitable time to record the podcast.

What you will need to play…

  • Recording will take approximately one hour.
  • You will need to be indoors, preferably away from any sources of loud noises.
  • Our recording method of choice is a multi-user conference call on Skype, which can be installed on and run from most good computers, smart phones or tablets. You do not need a webcam.
  • Please have a decent internet connection (consider turning off other tablets, consoles, computers in your house during recording).
  • A good headset or microphone will also help get the best quality recording – the hands-free kit your phone came with should be fine.
  • For the best recording possible please refrain from playing with the mic, water bottles, fidget toys or any other noisy objects.


Join the fun - leave a comment below!