WGN Birthday Countdown: 1

One more day to go Geek Chums! I don’t think we’ll be sleeping tonight.

As we get over-excited about tomorrow’s birthday celebrations (Wednesday 14th August), we’re going to take one last look back at some of our favourite and most popular articles, reviews and features from the last year! Click on the article heading to be taken there instantly, by the magic of the internet!

Doctor Who – Now In Color

Fan edits and indie releases are one of our passions, being a fan run site ourselves, so co-editor KJ took a look at the work of Scott Burditt and his completely unofficial work to colorise old episodes of Doctor Who

Avengers Endgame: Our Thoughts

It was the biggest film around at the time and is now the biggest film in history – we sent four of the gang (Louis, Cameron, Andee and Ultimate Movie Geek Nathaniel) to see what all the fuss was surrounding Endgame.

Cheggers Plays Pop: Missing Episode Found!

A world exclusive for WGN! When co-editor Paul was going through his home videos he found a bit of a suprise. And you can watch it right here!

Misty Memories

Aquaman and Shazam Reviews from Author John Brhel

Horror author John Brhel was welcomed into the family with pair of brilliant reviews for two superhero movies nobody was expecting to do well but which both turned out to be a lot of fun!

Island of Secrets by Diane Demetre

Another guest writer, Crafty Kirsty, hopped on board the good ship WGN to give us a review of something a little saucier than our usual fare – an erotic romance novel! Oo-er missus!

When Rock And Children’s TV Collide

Carlos Sanchez Ezquerra: In memoriam

Last October we lost a giant in the world of comic books and Aaron paid a fitting tribute to him.

Comics to read and watch for Halloween

During the 31 Days of Horror, our TV guru Robbert took a look at some of the best horror comics, and the TV/Film adaptations which accompany them.

The Haunting of Blaine Manor

Last month we finally decided to get some culture and ordered Paul to go and watch a play to review. “Can’t I read a ghost story instead?” He said. “No!” we replied. So he went to watch a play about a ghost story. Sigh. Close enough.

Red Dwarf’s Triple Fried Egg Chili Chutney Sandwich Recipe

What better way to celebrate Gazpacho Soup Day than to rustle up Dave Lister’s all-time favourite hangover cure? KJ made them for everyone at WGN Tower, much to the cleaners’ disgust. “But it’s a state of the art sarnie!” he argued. “It’s the state of the floor we’re worried about” he was told.

For The Love Of Robin of Sherwood…

Although largely known for her love of Blake’s 7, Claire reported back from a convention for a very different fandom, proving she has more than one string to her bow (hoho).

Game’s Up and MAaD Movie Podcasts, not to mention Pod Cat

Around the same time as we launched, a mysterious alien feline called Pod Cat arrived on earth in his washing machine spaceship, looking for the finest podcasts the universe has to offer. In exchange for room, board and as much Mr Frisky as he could eat, he hooked us up with Cameron and Nathaniel who became part of the WGN family, bringing their respective Game’s Up and Man About a Dog Movie podcasts with them!

TV Round Up

Robbert works tirelessly round the clock to bring us all the latest news from TV land, including new shows, cancellations, trailers and much more!


Our newest regular feature was introduced to celebrate Avengers Endgame, but kind of stuck around, bringing you thoughtful fun and fiendish puzzlery for all the family!

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