Introducing World Geekly News Merchandise

It was Mary Watson who said, in an episode of Sherlock, “You should put that on a t-shirt”. And who are we to argue with a former assassin? Therefore, we’ve teamed up with Teepublic to create a range of merchandise featuring our new spaceship logo in four brand new designs by our very own Paul Childs. As well as clothing (including t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters) we’ve got mugs, phone covers, badges, stickers, notepads and even more than that.

While reasonably priced and great quality, it’s worth getting your order in quickly. For the first two days that they’re on sale, everything is available at a reduced rate, and again every month during Teepublic’s monthly sale.

Head on over to Teepublic to see all our designs, or click on an individual one below to go straight to it’s page.









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