USA Pulls the Trigger on Shooter

With steadily declining reviews and viewership USA has announced it is cancelling the Ryan Philippe led series Shooter. Based on the book series by Stephen Hunter and the 2007 Mark Wahlberg movie of the same name, Shooter followed the exploits of expert marksman Bob Lee “The Nailer” Swagger.


Originally broadcasting to a steady viewership of around 2.5 million viewers in its first season the show has struggled to get much more than 1.5 in its third, and now finale, season. Wahlberg, who played the title character in the movie produced the soon to be defunct series. Neither the show nor the series were critical darlings. Both adaptations were often derided as “tedious” and “uninspired” action dramas. For fans of the series, however, can still look forward to Pulitzer Prize winning author Stephen Hunters’ series which had it 10th novel published last year to strong reviews.


Shooter was the lowest rated series on the USA network, its finale episode will air Sept 13th in the US.

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