The First Annual WGN Great Pumpkin Festival!

Here at WGN Tower, we love Halloween (you may have noticed). And it doesn’t come much Halloweenier than carving pumpkins. Once the domain of Americans and people in films, the humble pumpkin has gone on to great things worldwide! Why, just the other day I saw one the size of a beach ball in our local supermarket! Those squashes are going places!

So, the intention was to host The First Annual WGN Great Pumpkin Festival, with team members carving their own fiendish Jack O’Lanterns and for us to display them here. The call went out and with much anticipation, we waited for the pumpkins to come rolling in.

Then last Friday Paul Childs set about ruining his mum’s clean and tidy kitchen and made his. Far too early it appears because when he brought Patrick (as he called it for some reason) in today, it was a rather pathetic looking, semi-rotted freak. Luckily, Paul took photos of Patrick in his heyday. Check them out:

OK – off to a slightly bumpy start, but it showed promise!

But as is often the case, life got in the way and children were sick, stores were sold out and poor old, rotting, shrivelling Patrick was the only pumpkin to see.


Cameron McCulloch-Keeble suddenly remembered the festival, and with his razor-sharp ingenuity and last night’s Great British Bake Off final still fresh in his memory, he threw this rather stupendous Joaquin Phoenix Joker inspired pumpkin shaped biscuit together in hardly any time at all:

Oh, and Jane Roberts sent us this picture while off gothing it up in Whitby. We got quite excited at first and then she said someone else made them and she just took a pic. Oh well, we could use all the pumpkins we can get!

So, there we have it. Our First Annual WGN Great Pumpkin Festival, which was unceremoniously brought to a close when a passing small dog bit into Cameron’s entry (snicker).

Have you carved a pumpkin? Is it scary or wacky in some way? Let’s see pics in the comments below! Please. We need more than one and a half to show off!

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