Special Offer: Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock

Greetings! Here’s a little spot of news for you book fans out there!

Our good chum Matt Adcock, who has been joining in all through October with our “Monsters Who Aren’t…” feature, has just celebrated the first anniversary of his novel Complete Darkness – and it’s a jolly good novel at that. Our very own Jane Roberts said of it:

This book is brilliant. Bonkers brilliant, in a dystopian William Gibson way…

And now, for a limited time* you too can own it on Kindle for the quite frankly outrageous price of just 99p (and 99c in the US). That’s less than a bottle of Irn-Bru, which in our book is a rather groovy discount!

Now, what are you doing mucking around reading this? Hurry! Get your copy before it’s too late!

UK Customers can take advantage of the offer here and US customers should follow this link.

*Offer ends 21:00 (in both UK and US local times) on Friday 30th October 2020.

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