Halloween Countdown 2018 – Days 26, 27 & 28 – Sequels

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It’s been one hell of a weekend. We arranged our costumes and then built our scary garden scene. There was a special MAaD Movie Podcast recorded that was a World Geekly News crossover. But despite not writing any of the articles I had to, I did watch Amityville 2: The Possession, Scream 2 and Psycho 2.

Amityville 2: The Possession

The sequel/prequel of The Amityville Horror it tells the story of the Montelli family, the stand-ins for the DeFeo’s. It tells the story of the first family to live in the house, with the culmination of them being shot to death by the eldest son.

We see as he is slowly possessed by a strange voice that lives in the basement. There are some strange points, like the scene he seduces his sister. But what’s stranger is how complient she is.

This film is basically two films in one. The first half is a haunted houses film, with strange goings on occuring to try and affect the son. Then the second film is almost a homage to the Exorcist.

Despite having some good special effects showing the effects of the possession, it isn’t a great film.



Scream 2

Scream was again a game-changing movie. It turned the slasher horror genre on its head by highlighting all the tropes that make those films silly. It also is a fun movie in itself.

Then a sequel came along and because of how tongue-in-cheek the first film was, and how intertwined with movie tropes it was they had to focus on the sequel. There is a scene where Randy ( I remembered his name this time) outlines the tropes to a good sequel and if you listen, he basically tells us what this film is going to do.

It also shows a film classes conversation about sequels and how they don’t live up to the first film. They’re basically saying “Scream 2 will be bigger but it might not be better, but we know that!”

Scream 2 is an entertaining film, which I don’t think I gave much credit to originally. Funny, and scary it is an entertaining film, which could be better than the first!



Psycho 2

I hadn’t seen this film, but I knew of its existence. How could they add a sequel on to a Hitchcock classic? What story could they tell that is as shocking and twisty as the first?

Spoilers for Psycho (like you haven’t seen it) and Psycho 2.

We know who the killer is, don’t we? Everyone knows Norman Bates, and his cracked psyche Norma Bates killed Janet Leigh in the shower. There’s a nice refresh of that in the opening.

And yet this film takes us in a direction that I for one didn’t see coming. Norman is released with a clean bill of health. His doctor says that he may have some problems, especially going back to the motel. But when he keeps getting harassed by the townspeople he starts receiving phone calls from his mother.

They even go as far as to exhume his mother’s body from the cemetery and yes, she’s still dead. So who is phoning him?

I’m sorry, I’m going to leave this here as I think Tom Holland has written a surprisingly competent sequel that could even stand with the first. It’s a bit cheesy in places, and yes the acting isn’t perfect, but what you’ll get from this film is something that stands up with the Hitchcock original.

In my review, I gave this 4 pumpkins, and unfortunately, I can’t change it, but I feel I should have given it 5.



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