Reopening The X-Files – Shadows

Greetings my X-Files Geeks!

We’re on a re-watch of the X-Files because we wanted to introduce our 10-year-old to the classic show. Today’s episode is another classic one that I remember due to the collectable cards I still have somewhere in the garage. Tonight, listen to Reopening The X-Files – Shadows.

Reopening The X-Files – Shadows

Reopening The X-Files - Shadows

What I remember about this episode is that it began the trope of having Scully miss the supernatural event due to ‘reasons’. The reason within this episode is literally down to the fact that Scully isn’t able to get her seatbelt off. We’ve all been there!

Anyway, please have a listen because this is when we start getting goo… er, slightly better. We are available wherever you get your podcasts from and on Acast, SoundCloud and Spotify.

You can also listen to the latest episode which is from the Season 2 Episode Red Museum. Click this link to be taken to the website.

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