Patti Jenkins Amazing Reason for Taking on Rogue Squadron Movie (And gets a shout out from original author Michael A. Stakpole)

Not long after the news dropped during the Disney Investors Day presentation that there would be A FREAKING ROGUE SQUADRON movie (sorry…sorry… still a little excited about this) director Patti Jenkins tweeted out the teaser form the presentation. In it she explains, in a heartfelt manner, why she wanted to do the movie.

Her father.

Jenkins father, William T. Jenkins, was a fighter pilot who crashed when the famed director was a child. Her desire to share her love of aviation, the thrills of speed, the duty of pilots, and, of course, Stars Wars – makes Rogue Squadron a prefect fit.

The news has been meet with elation from Star Wars fans. Not only is Rogue Squadron a fan favorite from the old Legends era but Jenkins has endeared herself to geekdom with Wonder Woman (2017.) Wonder Woman, aside from being the first big budget female led superhero movie, is often seen as a course correction in the uneven DC/WB movie universe.   It is widely considered one of, if not the, best superhero movie to come from DC in years.

Fans weren’t the only ones excited by Jenkins and her inspiration for this new Star Wars movie. Michael A. Stackpole, who wrote the first five Rouge Squadron novels in the 90’s gave a rather lovely tweet in favor of Jenkins.

Stackpole’s novels are some of the best the Legends era of Star Wars has to offer. His enthusiasm mirrors many of the fans. After the divisive sequel trilogy that finished up last year left fans and critics (and even Disney perhaps) a little uncertain of Star War’s future – it seems Disney may be finally getting a hold of the Star Wars formula after all.

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