Overwatch League All-Star Weekend Round up

The Overwatch League has come to an end, sad times indeed. But it had one hell of a last hurrah in the form of the All-Star Weekend. If you didn’t get the chance to see all the action, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything that happened during the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend.

Lucio Ball

Our first game of the day is the lightest of them all as the First round goes to Atlantic, the second round to Pacific, leading to the least tense last round of the day which goes to Atlantic after an incredibly quick Overtime goal.

Mystery Heroes

The teams take the stage with no idea what hero they will be playing as or finishing as and our 1st map up is Illios,  the scores bounce back and forth with the 1st point to Pacific, second point to Atlantic but finally pacific bounce back with the 3rd round to claim the first match. The second map does not follow suit though with Atlantic closing out both points in a 2 – 0 shutout. The final map is much closer especially with Ryoujehong going crazy on tracer but Atlantic shut pacific out 2 – 0 once again, giving them the victory.

Widow 1v1 (Qualifiers)

As a bit of background on this round the rules are: headshots only, no rifle fire, no capture point, all of these qualifying rounds are first to 7 points, the finals later are first to 9.


First Matchup: Sayaplayer Vs Carpe, Carpe takes this first semi in a golden point heat.

Second match, Big Boss Pine and Striker, surprisingly Striker comes out on top, but it’s in a match point situation.

First Pacific match sees soon win with a 2 point lead, though architect holds his own respectably.

The second of the Pacific matches sees another 2 point lead, this time Surefour takes the victory.


The Atlantic semi sees Carpe take on space in the final, Carpe comes out on top, whilst the Pacific semi sees Surefour take the victory setting up an exciting final of some of the best Widows for later.

The two sides of the Overwatch League face down in the All Star Weekend
Atlantic Vs Pacific

The Talent Takedown

We start the Talent takedown with some of the best walkouts that the league has seen this year, interestingly shoutcasting here is handled by Custa and Bischu alongside members of the Leagues shoutcasting team who are switching in and out to play on stage for their respective side.

The first game comes to a second round with Atlantic nearly picking up 2 full ticks in Overtime but Puckett’s incredible Doomfist play leads Pacific to a storming victory, so far both sides are holding their own well though. The second game goes much the same, despite Bren and Malik’s brilliant 5 kill Graviton + Dragon Strike play they’re not able to push their team closer to victory and the Pacific team storm through three points to two to shut the series out 2 – 0. Pacifics Mercy main Soe is awarded the player of the game title.

Lockout Elimination

Next up is best of 5 lockouts starting in Oasis university, Atlantic take the first round quite convincingly but Pacific isn’t here to mess around and they follow up by taking each of the following rounds. It’s a trend that doesn’t continue into the second game though as Atlantic pull a game back and lead us into a tense final game. The finale is nail-biting, a Nano boosted Winston gives Atlantic the best first dive, but Pacific counter it perfectly and end up taking the round, the game and the series. Lockout goes to Pacific.

Widow 1v1 (finals)

…And finally, an answer to one of the most hotly asked questions of the Overwatch League: Who plays the best widowmaker, (at least for this season). To find out Surefour and Carpe are headed to Ecopoint Antartica. The matchup is very even, the score, like a tennis ball, bounces back and forth, the advantage being taken as quickly as it is earned. Towards the end of the game, however, Surefour begins to pull ahead, and that pulling ahead leads to the final result of the match as he turns a one-point lead into a two-point into the final kill of the game and takes the title of winner.

The All-Star Game

Voted for by the community, the most talented players in the league face off in an all-star game of Overwatch. The game is a best of 5 rounds, each round being a different mode, capture, assault or otherwise. The starting line up for Atlantic is made up mostly of NYXL players with London’s Gesture on tank and Philly’s Carpe on DPS. The Pacific starting lineup is made up of mostly LA Valliant and Seoul Players with Fissure of the LA Gladiators and Geguri of the Shanghai Dragons on, of course, tank.

The first match is King’s Row which, thanks to Fissures excellent play on latest hero Hammond and Saebyeolbe’s unfortunate blunder the first match is won by the Pacific team. Up next is Rialto where an ironic C9 on the Pacific side gives Atlantic the match point and evens the score to 1 – 1. Horizon, the assault map on the moon, is up next and Atlantics DPR Substitute Carpe helps to bring them their second point of the season giving them a big edge going into game 4 on control map Ilios.

It’s in game 4 where the All-Star Match begins to resemble Mystery Heroes more than a traditional Overwatch League game, with Bastions, Symmetras and Torbs finding their way into play and thanks to a couple of kills from Torbjorn’s Hammer Atlantic are powered to a 2 – 1 victory over the series. But there’s only one All-Star weekend so the team’s square up for one last time anyway as we go to a casual game 5 and casual is the best word for it, the players flex to heroes they rarely play but the Atlantic team push themselves to a final victory to shut down the All-Star Weekend.

With that, The Overwatch League is finished for its inaugural year. It’s been one hell of a first year and season 2 in 2019 looks like it will be even better. Here’s looking forward to then.

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