New Borderlands 2 DLC leaks

A fresh new Borderlands 2 DLC seems to have leaked before a reveal at E3. The DLC entitled Commander Lillith and The Fight for Sanctuary Seems to be on the cards for a reveal at everyone’s favourite gaming show in just a few days time and it looks likely that it will bridge the gap between Borderlands 2 at the upcoming Borderlands 3.

The potential new expansion to the 7-year-old game showed up prematurely on Steam very recently, before being rapidly taken down presumably as it’s leaked early. But dataminers were quickly able to discover the DLC along with its logs and an image associated with it (which you can see at the top of this article). This all confirms the rumour that a secret DLC was being worked on before Borderlands 3’s reveal, another rumour that was leaked when the original Steam logs for Borderlands 2 were datamined late last year.

This could be the kind of story content fans have been asking after for years and we here at WGN hope it will help to answer some of the questions that the teasers for Borderlands 3 have yet to reveal. Where is Salvador? Why is Sanctuary not a town anymore but instead a spaceship? Why is that spaceship called Sanctuary Three instead of Sanctuary Two and what’s happened in the years between the two games to allow the story to progress in the way it has?

Borderlands 3 was revealed earlier this year at an event at PAX East and will be released later this year in September. Expect to see new gameplay from the Wasteland at E3, although whether it will appear on any of the conference stages is yet to be revealed. For this and all the other news coming out of E3 make sure to keep your eyes on WGN for our reactions to each of the conferences and their big reveals!


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