MCM London Reveals First Guests

MCM London has recently announced some of the big hitters from the voice cast of RWBY will be attending the next outing of everyone’s favourite geek get together; MCM London, in October this year. Comic-Con-goers can expect to enjoy the presence of Barbara Dunkleman and Micheal and Lindsay Jones of RoosterTeeth. Nolan North and Troy Baker of Retro Replay and Bryan Dechart of Red Dead Redemption 2 amongst a wealth of others. 

MCM London

As the first guests announced for the next MCM it sets a high bar for what promises to be a very exciting guest list indeed. It also marks an exciting announcement for fans of RoosterTeeth in the UK following the unfortunate cancellation of RTX London. Which was formerly the biggest event in the rooster teeth UK calendar. It also marks the first attendance of Troy and Nolan to a UK event since Retro Replay partnered with the RoosterTeeth family under their LetsPlay brand of channels. 

WGN has previously attended a comic con held by MCM in Birmingham and we came away having crammed ourselves full over an entire weekend of geekery. If you want to know what we got up to then we wrote it all up in a handy article right here: Everything We Did At MCM Birmingham. MCM London takes place in October this year and tickets can be purchased here: MCM London Tickets. Stay tuned right here to WGN for more news on guest announcements as they happen.

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