Interesting Horror Projects on Kickstarter Right Now!

Over the last few years, crowdfunding has become a hub for all kinds of horror creators. Prominent former projects have included board games of  GhostbustersThe Evil Dead and The Terminator, extensive documentary films looking at the making of Hellraiser and Fright Night, and editor John Joesph Adams’s Nightmare magazine.

With Halloween only just over a week away, here are some of the best Kickstarter campaigns which might just be worth backing…


Bea Haunted

Description: A graphic novel about a young woman and the ghosts that haunt her.
End Date: Saturday 3rd November.

Under The Bed

Description: A dark and twisted comic book that blurs the line between reality and insanity. The story started life as an Inktober.
End Date: Wednesday 31st October.

Our Final Halloween

Description: A one-shot digital horror comic. Five kids wake up in an abandoned house. They don’t know why they’re there, how they got there, or whose blood they’re covered in…
End Date: Tuesday 30th October.

Death Of The Horror

Description: A compilation of terrifying tales as told by comics most talented creators.
End Date: Wednesday 31st October.


Campy Creatures

Description: Choose your creature, outwit your opponents, capture the Mortals. It’s a ghoulish game of bluffing and deduction for 2–5 players. Now including Expansion Pack 1.
End Date: Sunday 4th November.

Little Ghosts

Description: A simple, fun card game that anyone can enjoy.  A memory game, with a few added twists for 2 to 4 players which takes about 15 minutes to play.
End Date: Wednesday 31st October.

Cthulhu: The Horror In Dunwich

Description: A cooperative deck-building game set in the H.P. Lovecraft Mythos. You and your fellow Investigators battle the Elder Gods.
End Date: Wednesday 31st October.


David Hitchcock Art

Description: A 100-page A4 size art book with illustrations of the spooky Victorian Gothic variety, all produced in pencil and pen.
End Date: Monday 29th October.


To The Monsters by The Spider Hole

Description: The Spider Hole returns with their new album and graphic novel, To The Monsters: an ode to Halloween, Weird Fiction, and Timeless Horrors.
End Date: Tuesday 6th November.




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