Everything We Did At MCM Birmingham

For the second time this year MCM Birmingham rolled into the NEC arena and we were there having a whale of a time sampling the delights on the show floor.

We started by biting Batman’s face off… of a cupcake, bought from the amazing cake company, who’s delightful baked goods we’d sampled earlier this year for the first time at RTX London. The cakes were exceptionally moist and made even better by the nerdy decorations, icing models of Batman, Link, Boo and Mercy.

The UK final was held at the convention

To go along with our cupcakes we needed some entertainment, so we trekked over to the other side of the convention and sat down on the brightly coloured Nintendo booth to watch some Esports in the form of Splatoon 2. The UK final was hosted by Alicia Judge* and Nimmz Riaz and it drew quite the crowd, in fact, you could hear it from all four corners of the convention.

Once that was done (and we’d taken a little break to play some Pokemon Let’s Go) we took a stroll around the show floor checking out some of the great cosplay that was on show. There were Harley Quinn’s, Spider-Men and Deadpool’s galore but my favourite had to be a toddler in an inflatable god of thunder outfit, he had the biceps of Thor at the age of just four.

Bruce Waynes fondant face - still intact at this pointThen to finish the day out we went to have a look around at the Original comics and the merchandise. There was some really lovely stuff, some of which would have made great Christmas presents, all of which were extremely tempting but our will held strong and the tumbleweed in the bank account helped as well.

And then it was over, for this con at least, so we return home, filled to the brim with nerd-dom and excitedly wait for the next time MCM rolls into town.

*I got to have a chat with Alicia after the splatoon final as we had met previously, it was a brief and lovely catch up, another good MCM memory.

Cameron McCulloch-Keeble

Cam fan of all things gaming, film and geekery. here on WGN Cam will focus on Overwatch and some other professional gaming leagues.