31 Days Of Horror: The Watchlists

Resisting the urge to sing the Silver Shamrock song, let us remind you that it’s only two more days until our month-long Halloween extravaganza. Three intrepid adventurers from our creepy crew will be facing spooks, spectres, ghouls and demons every day in October. Here are their watchlists. Feel free to play along with one or more of the lists, or pick and choose from all three – or maybe even curate your very own watchlist (we’d love to know what you’re watching so please do share your lists in the comments below and join us each day).

As well as enduring dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, our brave three (co-editor and nostalgia fan Paul, board games supremo Aaron and Ultimate Movie Geek Nathaniel) will be commenting on the films they watch each night. On top of that, The Ultimate Movie Geek will be posting daily videos on his YouTube channel, joined by the lovely Mrs Movie Geek and maybe even one or two of the Mini Movie Geeks.

Please click on a list below to enlarge it.

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DISCLAIMER: Watchlists are subject to change. Last year when Paul attempted it, some of the films vanished from Netflix and he rather foolishly forgot his Dead Ringers DVD (not the satirical sketch show, the one with Jeremy Irons and some surgical tools which would make your eyes water) when he was away for the night and ended up buying The Void instead to fill, well, that void.


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