What Stan Lee Meant To Us

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Today it hurts to write that brief introduction which always sounded so fun, yet cheesy and silly in the past. Stan Lee, who passed away yesterday, was a man who understood his fan base. He knew that we, the faithful readers, found enjoyment and comfort in those fantastical adventures. Many of us, until relatively recently when the Marvel films gained mainstream success, were mercilessly teased, even into adulthood for of our fondness for his characters and stories. Because comic books were just not cool.

But despite the fear of bullying we found strength in his characters because they were like us. Stan’s heroes were human. They might have been blessed with incredible abilities but many of them face the same problems we did every day. Yet they found a way to overcome and face their fears and when we read his stories, so did we.

Thank you, Stan, for your incredible, inspirational body of work, your ever-cheerful disposition, your dedication to your fans and your message of peace, diversity and cooperation in which we truly believe.

The World Geekly News Team

Stan once said in a Washington Post interview “I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing.”

His work has touched everyone here at WGN in some way so as many as the gang who were able to, have written a few words on what Stan meant to them. More will be added as we receive them.

Nathaniel – I think the first time I learnt of Stan Lee was during Saturday Morning cartoons when I watched Spider-Man the animated series. In the final episode of ‘The Spider Wars’ Spider-Man saves an actor dressed as Spider-Man. He takes him to his creator. Stan Lee. They swing through the city before meeting Madam Web, who was voiced by the late Joan Lee. Even in the cartoon, he seemed enamoured with her! It was a nice ending for a great series.

Stan Lee was a great creative talent whose loss will be felt the world over. If you’re a pure comic book fan or an MCU fan or just a fan of his cameos, he will live on through his characters.
Rest in Peace Stan Lee. Excelsior!!!

Daniel – Stan Lee’s work took me out of my life. And at times that was everything I needed. The world is a little less bright without his creative genius.

Claire – I’m afraid I’m not really a comic book fan but even I still knew of the legendary Stan Lee and enjoyed his cameos in the films and on the Big Bang Theory. He was able to laugh at himself, and that’s a very good quality in any of us. RIP.

Cameron – To me, and I’m sure many others my age, Stan Lee will always be the voice at the beginning of Spider-Man on the PlayStation. Backed by a soft synthy soundtrack he starts: “Welcome true believers and newcomers alike”, a line which I can remember to this day, nearly two decades later, and what a couple of decades they have been. Stan Lee’s creations have seen their share of successes and their share of struggles but one thing remains true, they have inspired, enthused and entertained many millions of people. So whether you be a true believer, a newcomer or anywhere in between I encourage you; raise a glass to Stan Lee today, a true legend in his field, who leaves behind a far brighter world thanks to his creations.

Paul – I’ve always been a huge Spider-Man fan, as far back as I can remember. Here was a hero who was strong and fast and who rarely let his troubles get him down – and most importantly of all, to me, was a schoolboy in his “real” life. This had a massive effect on me – that a mere kid could be friends with big hitters like Hulk, Cap and Wolverine, trade blows with Doctor Doom, Lizard and Electro yet still find time to worry about homework and exams, was hugely inspirational. It was largely down to Peter Parker’s struggle with his duality which gave me the courage to stand up to bullies. Despite being a seemingly easy target (quiet, overweight, comic book loving), my refusal to be cowed gained me a lot of respect in the playground from friends, acquaintances and the bad kids alike and the bullies soon left me alone. Thanks Stan. Rest well.

Andee – For me, I’ll always remember Stan Lee (who kid-me always thought was simply “Stanley”, like “Cher”) was the omnipotent narrator of The 80s Incredible Hulk and Spidey cartoons. His disembodied voice was up there with David Attenborough for me, and when he popped up in Mallrats it was like finally “meeting” a hero in the flesh. Naturally, as I went back and started delving into classic Marvel comics from the 60s (mainly Spidey), you couldn’t read his narration without hearing those unmistakable, reassuring tones. Every cameo he had in the subsequent Marvel movies was like being with friends at a party and your cool famous grandad shows up to say hello. It’s gonna be tough having those movies conspicuous by his absence…

Louis – For me, Stan – or at least his name – always meant escapism. Mystery. Excitement. I knew that, even though I was born far too late to appreciate his own writing, that the characters I was reading about were his, and that was always a guarantee that until I finished whatever issue of The Amazing Spider-Man I held in my grubby little hands, I was in for some great entertainment. Thank you, Stan, for transporting me and millions of others into worlds where everything was always a little more colourful, the Good Guys traded quips with the Bad Guys, and everything always seemed a little more heroic. ‘Nuff said.

Robbert – It is undeniable that we lost one of the comic book greats with Stan Lee. After all, he is the face of Marvel. He had cameos in the comics, the movies, the TV series, the video games, basically everything Marvel. While he was not the sole reason for the success of Marvel or its characters, he did have a big hand in it. I would very much like to thank him for what he started all those decades ago in Marvel comics and what led to one of my favourite movie franchises, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His cameos always brought a smile to my face, and I like to think he was a pleasant man to meet. From a True Believer, thank you, Stan.

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