WGN’s Halloween 2020 Comic Recommendations

Halloween is the time of year to get spooky! And there are multiple ways to do so! Here we are going to give you a number of comics that make ideal reading for October’s lead up to Halloween.


DCeased is an Elseworld comic series written by Tom Taylor (Suicide Squad (2019)) and with art by Trevor Hairsine (Ultimate Nightmare). It’s the DC Universe we know and love, but things take a hard turn when a mysterious techno-organic virus is released upon Earth when Cyborg escapes capture from Darkseid. The result is hundreds of millions infected within one day, all bloodthirsty and violent. Can the heroes from the DC Universe save the world when it’s already as good as ended?

DC: The Doomed and The Damned

DC: The Doomed and The Damned is an 80-page giant with no less than ten stories from multiple writers and artists. These stories all have a horror-element to them, from monsters to ghosts. Some of the characters featured are Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, Swamp Thing, and of course Superman and Batman.

Family Tree

From writer Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) and artists Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown), Eric Gapstur (James Bond (2019)) and Phil Hester (Supernatural: Origins) comes Image comic Family Tree. A story of a family road trip. However, it’s not a recreational one. The eight-year-old daughter of the family is slowly transforming into a tree. With her single mom, troubled brother and quite possibly insane grandfather they are now on a search to find a remedy. But the farther they get from home, more and more other parties, from cults to paparazzi, start chasing them for their own ends.

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection

A new Marvel Zombies comic from writer Philip Kennedy Johnson (The Last God) and artist Leonard Kirk (Star Wars: Han Solo – Imperial Cadet)! Set in a different continuity than the previous Marvel Zombies comics, the heroes of the Marvel Universe go to the edge of the solar system after a scrambled message from Captain Marvel. Here they find no less than the corpse of world eater Galactus. When they find Captain Marvel she attacks the heroes. Not with her energy beams, but her teeth.

Something is Killing the Children

The children of Archer’s Peak are going missing. Almost none of them are recovered, but some are found alive. These children tell of horrible creatures that live in the shadows. Children keep on going missing until a mysterious stranger comes to town. One Erica Slaughter claims to believe the children, can see the monsters and most importantly can kill those monsters. BOOM! Studios comic Something is Killing the Children is written by James Tynion IV (Justice League Dark (2018), The Woods), with art by Werther Dell’edera (Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business).


Just started at Image is Chip Zdarksy (Daredevil (2019)) and Ramón K. Perez’s (All-New Hawkeye) new comic Stillwater. Two men visit the town of Stillwater where they see two boys fight on a rooftop. When one falls to his death, they are shocked when he wipes off the blood, jumps up and runs away. Nobody in Stillwater dies. That’s not a promise, that’s the threat.

Stranger Things Halloween Special

Dark Horse Comics has been releasing one-shots and miniseries based on Netflix’s hit 80s nostalgia sci-fi series Stranger Things for some time now. This October we get a Halloween Special one-shot. Set shortly before Season 1 begins Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin are telling spooky stories to each other around a campfire, to be specific the story of the town’s deepest secret: the Child Eater of Hawkins. Written by Michael Moreci (Vampironica: New Blood), with art by Todor Hristov.

Of course, there are many more spooky comics out there for you to find, but here are some recommendations you can find right now in the comic shops. But if you want more comic, check out our previous article about comics you can read and watch for Halloween.

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