Unboxing Our New THEME TUNE!!

How’s your day going? We’re having an AWESOME time so far! We’ve just had a MASSIVE celebratory fry-up breakfast, a GARGANTUAN slice of cake and now to open our HUMUNGOUS pile of birthday presents.:

Rustle rustle, rip, tear.

Hang on a moment… What’s this?

Oh! Em! Gee! What a lovely, lovely thing! Have a look (well, a listen)…



Geekly Jingle was written, performed and produced exclusively for us by singer-songwriter Lee Childs of the London-Based rock band Perfect Flaws (and brother of our co-editor Paul). Check out their stuff on Spotify.

Expect to hear it more often in the future in our occasional YouTube videos and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have another use for it, which we just might reveal a bit later…

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