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The DCEU has had its ups and downs, I am unapologetic when it comes to the Snyder movies, and as you probably know, my favourite superhero is Superman. So I was always going to be one of the first in line to watch The Suicide Squad. But is it enjoyable?

I may go into spoilers so beware if you haven’t seen The Suicide Squad.

Suicide squad was written and directed by James Gunn and is a second movie in the Suicide Squad live-action film series. But I’ll get back to that!

The Suicide Squad

A number of colourful characters make up The Suicide Squad, which include, Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Polka-dot man, Rick Flagg,  Rat Catcher 2, Weasel, TDK, King Shark, Captain Boomerang. Blackguard, Savant, Javelin and even an appearance from Calendar Man. He has scraped the depths of the DC backlot and pulled out characters that I’ll admit I didn’t know of and he’s given them a live action turn that doesn’t disappoint.

The story is straightforward and doesn’t really diverge, but it’s cut in a way that keeps it fresh. The Squad are sent to destroy Jotunheim a Nazi-era laboratory on the island of Corto Maltese where political prisoners were experimented on in secret laboratories. It’s in the trailers so I’ll say, they’ve been keeping Starro there and experimenting on it for 30 years!

But it’s not as straightforward as that, and the way Gunn Shoots it works extremely well. We get an amazing opening that sets the pace that we’re going to run with. It’s explosive, action-heavy and fun. We see each and every character’s power set, well, mostly. And we see exactly why they’re the Suicide Squad. If you don’t enjoy the opening 15 minutes then I doubt you’ll enjoy the rest of the film.

One of the things Gunn is great at is giving smaller not widely known Characters a back story that we the audience can get behind. Characters like Rat Catcher 2, Polka Dot Man, Even King Shark are made to be likeable and pretty heroic. We’re not given too many backstories, or flashbacks, but what we do get is enough to build the main characters up, and I coming out of the cinema I wouldn’t mind seeing these characters again.


Gunn has successfully made an action-comedy using mostly unknown  DC characters. It’s fast and chaotic but doesn’t lose itself in the dust and debris. The humour jumps around and is intertwined with intense violence which includes blood and gore. And when I say gore, I mean gore.

But then there are the scenes that feel like they should be laugh-out-loud but they’re not. The reason why they’re not is that they appeared in the trailer. I did think we were beyond this now, trailers ruining things, but unfortunately, we’re not. King shark getting thrown into a building, we saw it, King Shark tearing a man in half, in the trailer. We saw that and thought, wow, what’s he going to do in the film, but he doesn’t do much more.

Starro being part of this could have been a secret, but it wasn’t and I think this is where the film falls down. I understand it is essential for pulling in audiences but it becomes run of the mill. It’s another city destruction finale that the bad guys turned good guys are going to sort out. Ok, it’s a fricken Kaiju up in this shit, but the destruction is the same.

Is The Suicide Squad A Good Movie?

I enjoyed the film immensely, but it kind of continued the same beats as 2016’s attempt. The Suicide Squad is sent in to do one job, but their consciences kick in and they save the world. As with 216’s Suicide Squad, I always felt a world-ending threat like this should be fixed by the Justice League or even just Superman. Have the Suicide Squad do all the leg work for Superman to finish it off and get all the praise! It just feels like a lack of imagination in the storytelling!

Saying that, I’m going to give it a 4/5 making The Suicide Squad a good movie because the gripes I have with it aren’t enough for me to put it as Just a Movie!

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