Robert Pattinson is “The Batman”

Reports are flying fast on the internet that Robert Pattinson has been cast in Matt Reeves “The Batman.” While this hasn’t been totally confirmed by the WB or Pattison, it is a rumor that has merit. Pattison was first announced as a potential Variety earlier this year (who consequently broke the story earlier this evening.) Now it seems the role is all but certainly his. There had been a minor hold out as Nicholas Hoult had been a serious contender as well.


Best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the much derided Twilight series, Pattison has been garnering praise in the indie scene for the past several years. Regradles his casting is sure to induce lots of fan-boy ire, but let’s face it, what doesn’t these days? Pattinson has proved that he has the acting chops in films like “Good Time” and most certainly has the look of a billionaire playboy. Time will tell if DC/WB will deliver the goods on what could be a very promising Batman movie.


Pattison’s casting would also undeniably confirm that “The Batman” is going to focus on a younger Batman/Bruce Wayne. How that will fit into the larger DC movie universe is unclear. This could serve as a prequel or even a soft reboot. Until then all we have is speculation-


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