Puzzle Time: Doctor Who Word Search

Ahhh the wold search. The favorite time killer of school teachers the world over. We have one for you, but here’s the catch, we aren’t giving you the word list. There are 25 Doctor Who related words hidden in this image, can you find them all? We will post the answers in our Doctor Who word bank next week. (Answers to last week’s Puzzle Time can be found below)

Answers to last week’s Puzzle Time: Spot the Difference

1. Ivy Behind C3P0 is gone. 2. R2D2’s Holographic projector is a different color.  3. Confused Travolta Force Ghost. 4. C3P0’s arm is red.  5. Luke has his lightsaber from RotJ. 6. Luke’s smile is different. 7. Leia’s necklace is missing. 8. Han’s legs are reversed.  9. Chewie has a medal (finally!) and 10. General Dodonna and Bob Hudsol (Yes seriously, Bob. There is a Bob in the Star Wars universe) have their faces switched.

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