Overwatch World Cup: Thailand Stage Roundup

The penultimate stage of the Overwatch World Cup has been played as we edge ever closer to Blizzcon. So, in case you didn’t catch it, here is how all the matches played out in our Overwatch World Cup: Thailand Stage Roundup.

Day 1

We start with Denmark who begin the stage strong by taking a 3-1 victory over Thailand, this is quickly followed by Spain (who somehow inexplicably are part of the Taiwanese group stage rather than the French) taking a loss to Australia. The final match this evening is another interesting clash of cultures as the Chinese national team take on the Swedish national team who are headed up by popular Overwatch League presenter Reinforce. Unfortunately, Reinforce’s team is bested in the scores here and China take the final winner of the evening with a 3-1 victory.

Day 2

Day two begins very similarly to day one with Denmark taking another victory to start us off. Australia are next and they’re here to deliver the first shutout of this group stage with Thailand and their 0 points being on the other end of it. It’s not usually a winner stays on tournament but nonetheless, Australia sticks around for the next match and win that one as well, 3 – 1 over Denmark. Thailand and China take the next match to the first fifth map of this group stage with China ultimately winning 3 – 2. Australia then continues their winning streak with a shutout over Reinforce and Sweden to end the day.

Day 3

The final day of this group stage starts off with two interesting matches, Denmark and China take the first series of the day to our first fifth match tiebreaker, with China winning 3 – 2. Then Sweden steps up to the plate and deliver a shutout to Spain. Match number three sees Sweden get their second victory 3 – 1 over Thailand. And then, in if to mirror our opening matches the penultimate match is a shutout from China over Spain and the closing match is a fifth-round tiebreaker between Denmark and Sweden, with Sweden ultimately coming away the victors.

But, just like that, the penultimate group stage is over, and only one remains, by this time next week our qualifying teams will be known to us. Come back next week for a wrap of that final group stage.

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