New Podcast Episode: Bigfoot Hunting, 80’s Cartoons, Tarot Cards, Deformed Plant Monsters, and More!

We talked to not one, but two artists on this episode of the World Geekly news podcast. First up is Sam Sawyer. Sam started off in the world of comics. She has done wonderful covers for comics like Lady Death, she’s done tarot cards, board games, and now is starting a cartoon about cryptids (creatures like Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, chupacabra, etc.) called S.A.L.E.M

You can find links to Sam and her works here


Next we have Jason Lenox. Jason is the creator of Lords of the Cosmos. We’ve reviewed the first and (coming soon) second volume of Lords of the Cosmos. It is one of my personal favorite comics at the moment. It is just a wild and weird mix of Heavy Metal, Masters of the Universe, Dungeons and Dragons, Aeon Flux, G.I. Joe, and so many other saturday morning cartoons.  The third kickstarter for Lords has been successful but please, please, please keep your eyes out for Volume 4’s kickstarter when it arrives.  You can find links to Lords of the Cosmos and Jason’s own site below



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