John Cho shows off his “Bebop” Hair

Mums been the word on the live action Cowboy Bebop adaptation. Since the reveal of the main cast a few months ago, Netflix has gone silent on the matter. The first little tidbit has arrived via Screen Rant’s Kayleigh Donaldson’s twitter. The picture is of John Cho (who plays the main antagonist Spike Spiegel)  sporting a haircut very similar to that of the laconic bounty hunter. We have to say, it looks pretty good.



Cho, who is best known for affable, if not painfully shy, characters was something of a surprise announcement. While Cho is more than a capable actor he simply isn’t known for the calm, cool anti-hero behavior that Spike embodies. Some fans have expressed difficulty seeing him in the role. While a good haircut is hardly all that matters it should go some ways to easing any doubts.  We took the liberty of drawing up a quick photoshop sketch to better illustrate the point.

Netflix is aiming for a 10 episode season that is currently in pre-production. The original classic anime is readily available anywhere and if you haven’t watched it you’re a damned fool who clearly has trouble making positive life choices.

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