Halloween Countdown 2018 – The Wicker Man (1973)

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Over the last 8 days, we have watched crime thriller, 80’s slasher, comic horror and now a mystery horror. Tonight we watched The Wicker Man.

The 1973 film (not the 2006ย one) follows a Scottish Police Sergeant as he flies to Summerisle to locate a missing girl. Once there he encounters a population who have turned their backs on Christianity and are now following ritualistic Celtic Paganism.

The Wicker Man

For me, this film is as entertaining as it comes. It is very dated, being 45 years old, this is evident in the style and music. It does give you a sense of uneasiness and danger. We feel the frustration Edward Woodward’s character feels as he comes to each dead end.

I started to think during the review (which you can watch here) that I don’t know if this film could be made today. Disregarding the Nicholas Cage remake, which did change the characterisation of the protagonist. I feel the 70’s were the only time this film could be made.

The fact Woodward’s character is a Presbyterian Virgin, and that this is quintessential for the story, I just don’t feel it would work today. I’m not saying there are no virgins today, but Woodward’s character was:

“The right type of Adult”

It makes me think of The Cabin in the Woods, where Sigourney Weaver says that they make do with what they have. Hinting that even though the last sacrifice should be the Virgin, the girl they have is not actually a virgin.

Edward Woodward plays the role of uptight, religious police officer extremely well. You can see him getting more and more frustrated as each clue comes to a dead end.

Then we get to see his reaction when he sees the Wicker Man. It’s impressive and in that moment we don’t see it, we feel the fear of what he’s seeing.

I really enjoy this film, and urge everyone to see it.


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