Halloween Countdown 2018 – Day 13 Blair Witch (2016)

Greetings my Movie Ghouls!

We watch another sequel tonight. This time to the game-changing and very popular The Blair Witch Project. But, we won’t be touching the abysmal Book of Shadows. Tonight we’re watching Blair Witch.

Blair Witch

This is a direct sequel to the original. Following on from the events that happened in that film. Blair Witch follows a group of ‘movie’ teens as they follow the footsteps of James Donahue the brother of Heather from the original.

They find a video uploaded to YouTube that shows people running through a mysterious house in the woods. James believes that he sees the reflection of his sister in a mirror and wants to go out and find her.

They join up with two locals who ‘know’ the woods well. Things start happening as they did in the original, but this time in HD.

This film has an extremely good premise. It leans on the original but expands on things from that. The execution isn’t always perfect and if you watch our video you’ll know why.

I did enjoy watching this film, and despite having a very claustrophobic scene late on, it didn’t exactly scare me. Whereas the original was made for cheap and utilised sounds and the reactions of the characters to build tension and scares. Blair Witch actually lets us catch glimpses of what is lurking in the woods.

One downside is that as a direct sequel to the original, it seems to go away from the found footage genre. Although it is supposed to be found footage, there are moments that seem like it’s a Hollywood film.



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