Episode IX News: So…A Hobbit and a Time Lord Walk Into a Cantina…

Did Someone Call for a Doctor?

News broke yesterday that Matt Smith has signed on to Star Wars Episode IX. The former Doctor Who star’s role has not been revealed. However, many are reporting it to be “major” or “key.” Given his accent, many are assuming a First Order Officer. British actors have often been cast as Imperial or First Order Officers in the franchise.


‘Merry’ good News

Late last week twitter was all….well..atwitter with a vaguely cryptic tweet. Star of LOST and Lord of the Rings Dominic Monaghan  tweeted

Friday “More powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Fans of the saga will instantly recognize it as a quote from Obi Wan Kenboi in the original Star Wars. It has since been confirmed that he has scored a role in the upcoming film.  Given his boyish charms and infinitely cheery disposition it is likely Monaghan will be replacing Porgs and Ewoks as the franchises most adorable characters.



Fashionably Late

Both stars are well known to intentional geekdom and seem to bit a good fit. The announcements are a bit surprising given that filming on Episode IX has been going on for nearly a month already. Of course this being Star Wars half the fans are predicting this as a sign of trouble and predicting the end of Star Wars. Meanwhile, the other half of the fandom is gearing up their angry twitter fingers to see who can make Dominic Monaghan cry first.



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