Free Streaming Red Dwarf Audiobooks!

A gift from us to you on this Gazpacho Soup Day!

We’ve written about the joys of audio books on Spotify before. But, since it’s Gazpacho Soup Day we’ve got another surprise.  We found two complete Red Dwarf novels available for free on the streaming service.  Better yet they are performed by Chris Barrie, better known as the hero of Red Dwarf – Arnold “Ace” Rimmer.

Barrie’s performance is nothing short of stunning. Ol’ Rimmsey does the job of a full cast here providing each character with a distinct voice. His vocal range is really unbelievable. Barrie’s ability to mimic his cast mates is amazing. His impression of Robert Llewellyn, in particular, is impeccable. Backed with sound effects and music these audio productions are perfect for whittling away the hours on Gazpacho Soup day.

The two novels in question are Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and its sequel Red Dwarf: Better than Life. You can listen to it today, here on WGN’s own Spotify playlist.

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