030 – Fox / Disney & Marvel – MAaD Movie Podcast

Greeting my Movie Geeks!

Nate (Ultimate Movie Geek) and Craig (Stig of the Dump) are back and we’re discussing the biggest movie news of the year. No not Avengers Endgame, even though that is massive. No, we’re talking the Fox/Disney merger and discussing the positives and negatives.

We also talk the latest movie news including Bill and Ted Face the Music, Shazam! And The Batman. We also discuss the Marvel properties that will be accessible to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Fox Disney merger. There’s also some talk about the ending of Supernatural after season 15.

Let us know what you think and we would like to know if you have any suggestions etc. Also, we may be looking to have a live recording for the 50th show, let us know if this is a thing you’d be interested in.

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Nathaniel Jepson

I am the Ultimate Movie Geek and I love movies. I also have a movie based podcast called the Man About a Dog Movie Pod or MAaD Movie Pod.

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