Introducing Film Stories Magazine

We here at WGN owe a lot to Simon Brew. Simon is the creator and former editor of the website Den Of Geek, as well as he currently runs the podcast Film Stories. It was his site and his writings that brought most of the writers here together. A lot of the style and professional ethics he professed has guided our own website.

Well, now Mr Brew is working on something new and rather exciting. It’s a monthly print magazine that… well… how ’bout we let the creator tell you in his own words in this lovely video.

Our very own writer and one of the head honchos around here Paul Childs has an article in the first issue (and hopefully a regular feature). So what are you waiting for? Go scrounge up what little change you can find and put it into this Kickstarter. We promise you won’t regret it. Not like that time at the holiday office party when you had one too many and ended up in the copy room with whats-their-name from accounting. And now every time you have an issue with your pay check you have to go and look them in the eye and talk with them. And you aren’t really sure what to say and it’s clear they don’t either and it’s all just terribly awkward.  Nope. None of that here. Just pure, shame free, unadulterated entertainment bliss.

So go on, join up. You deserve it.

The Film Stories Magazine Kickstarter page has a variety of reward levels starting at just £1!

You can listen to Simon Brew’s podcast here. And follow him on Facebook and Twitter

Paul Childs once fought a bear. That’s not like a metaphor or anything. He actually fought a bear. That doesn’t really have to do with anything. But he’s fond of reminding all of us of that, quite loudly, when ever staff meetings get a bit out of hand. 

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