Indy 5 Finally Coming Together, Will Shoot Next Year

Talk of a fifth, and likely final, Indiana Jones movie has been in talks for sometime. Lately, that talk has been growing more and more traction. It started last month with Disney publishing its film slates for the foreseeable future, many fans noted that Untitled Indiana Jones sequel is scheduled for July 9, 2021.  It is reported that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are returning to their respective roles in the franchise.


The One And Only Dr. Jones


The famously terse yet humours Ford made waves soon after when he joked about another actor taking on the role on the Today show. “Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones, don’t you get it?”Ford teased host Craig Melvin for asking about another actor taking the mantle “I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy.”  Speculation has been rampart for years that the role would be recast, with fans saying Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper should take over the role. “This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine this. I’m sorry, man.” Ford quipped, mixing up the Chrises. While, it is clear from the clip that Ford is kidding, the sentiment has a ring of truth to it. Once Ford and Spielberg are retired, things will likely change but for now – this seems to truly be Indy’s last crusade. This also puts to rest rumors that the script might switch back and forth between a young and old Indy with different actors.

So How’s It Coming Along?

With the good Dr. Jones being in his 70’s we still have no clue what type of story this will be. Will Mutt return? Will there be a younger sidekick to help carry some of the action? Will this return to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology for a mcguffin? Who is he fighting? Nazis, Russians? Aliens!? And the date a just over 2 years away how close is the start date for filming?  Ford spoke with  Variety on the red carpet premiere to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Theme Park. When asked about Indy 5 he obviously didn’t answer most of our questions but said “[it]should be starting to shoot sometime next year… I’m looking forward to it. Things are coming along well.”



On a personal note: While Spielberg has refused to kill off Indy and no one is slated to take over (for the record I like Pratt in the role and the two indy script theory), our favorite Archeologist better lose an eye by the end or this entire franchise is bull#$%!

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