Announcing 31 Days Of Horror 2019

The summer’s over (we looked out of the window, it’s most definitely over). Leaves will soon be turning brown. The kids are back at school. The nights are already drawing in.

All this can mean only one thing!

Christmas stuff will shortly be appearing in the shops! BUT never mind all that, because before that Halloween will soon be upon us – and here at WGN Halloween is a season, not a day.

THAT’S RIGHT! We’re bringing last year’s spooky scarefest – 31 Days of Horror – back from the grave to entertain, stimulate and also quite possibly eat your brains!

Every single day in October, including Saturdays and Sundays when we’re normally having a long, lazy lie-in we’ll have features, reviews, puzzles, interviews, further episodes of our brand spanking new podcast – and MUCH MORE! We’ll be looking at all the best horror has to offer including films, video games, comics, books, music, board games, Pod Cat will be back to look at some of the creepiest podcasts and of course, on top of ALL THAT HALLOWEENY GOODNESS we’ll have our main event where we watch and review a horror film each day.

We’re just finalising the list and will share it with you soon, but let me tell you, we’ve got a great, varied mix of frightening and fun films ranging from sci-fi to slasher, folk horror, foreign language, old favourites, recent films not to mention a smattering of cult classics. There will be zombies, vampires, ghosts, witches, invaders from another world and many more ghouls and beasts to haunt your dreams.

And don’t forget, we have a Scary Story Writing Competition, which is still very much open for submissions. We’ve had some fantastic entries so far – can you compete? Visit this page for more details.

I know, I know, you can hardly contain your excitement. So in the meantime, why not watch this spooky trailer I was up until stupid o’clock making last night!?



Paul Childs

As well as writing for Den of Geek and Your Truth, Paul also runs Badgers Crossing, a site for ghost stories. He loves the 1980s and thanks to a keen interest in Public Information Films he has never been electrocuted or set himself on fire.

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