2000 AD Humble Bundle (A can’t miss comic deal)


Borag Thungg, Earthlings!

If you didn’t understand that first line, you may not have been introduced to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – the mighty 2000AD – so you should buy this particular bundle.

If you did, you should also buy this bundle because it is 29 Graphic Novels for less than the price of 1.

2000 AD was first created in 1977, and spearheaded the British Comic Revolution – doing for the comic industry what synthesizers would do to the music industry.

Some of the finest writers in the world started in these hallowed pages, from the God-Wizard that is Alan Moore, through the Sandman himself Neil Gaiman to the Godfather of British Comics, Pat Mills.

In this month’s bundle, you get to pick up 39 graphic novels as PDFs for the price of a few polystyrene cups of Java. (And please save the cups for Tharg to eat)

In no particular order, the bundle contains:

  • The Ballad of Halo Jones: Alan Moore’s tale of an average 30th-century woman who journeys across the cosmos to find herself.
  • Zenith: Grant Morrison’s Gen-X Superhero who cared more about his appearance than saving cats – but became a political mouthpiece against injustice.
  • Sláine: Pat Mills’ Celtic Conan. A sword and sandals tale that dug deep into the old myths and pulled their guts out with his teeth.
  • Judge Dredd: Everyone’s favourite fascist. A lawmaker from the far future where He IS The Law.
  • Judge Anderson: The lighter side to Dredd. An empathic Psi-Judge that still cares for the criminals yet goes up against the darker side of them.
  • Tharg’s Future Shocks: Black Mirror for the young Charlie Brooker: Short tales of a twisted history where paradoxes were allowed to run their full length.

If that’s not enough there’s also: Army Zombies, Sci-Fi Steampunk, 17th Century Zombies, Spiritual Police in London, Occult Art Students, Future Police, Werewolf Apocalypse, a world made of Mazes, Cyberpunk Identity Theft and Gladiators.

All wrapped up in the dark sci-fi/fantasy punk atmosphere that pervaded the British Revolution.

Now, you can pay the minimum amount for this set – but there are two charities that it would be best to support.

The first is Warchild – which seeks to help the lives of all children affected by war.

The second is Special Effect – which seeks to help disabled children enjoy video games.

So you get to read while they get to live. That’s worth a bundle, isn’t it?

World Geekly News has no affiliation with Humble Bundle – we just thought this was too good to not alert the masses. 

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